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Group of State’s Top Teachers

Support Hofmeister’s Leadership
State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister has won the endorsement of five former Oklahoma Teachers of the Year. The prestigious group supporting Hofmeister's reelection bid includes Jon Hazell of Durant, Elaine Hutchison of Fairview, Peter Markes of Edmond, Jason Proctor of Tahlequah and Linda Hasler Reid of Jenks.
Jon Hazell, the state's 2017 Teacher of the Year, credits Hofmeister with helping navigate public education through a particularly rough period.
"It is no exaggeration to say that these past several years have probably been the most difficult times ever faced in the history of public education in Oklahoma," he said. "Joy Hofmeister’s leadership has not only kept us steady during these stormy times, but through her vision and passion she has led the way in bringing about some of the most meaningful and needed changes to our profession, even in the midst of these daunting challenges, that will benefit our children and our state for many years to come.
"There is no one more experienced or qualified to continue to lead Oklahoma education into the 21st century than Joy. I will definitely be voting to support her reelection on Nov. 6."
Hutchison, Oklahoma's 2013 Teacher of the Year, credits Hofmeister with bringing positivity and transparency to the office. 
"Joy has worked diligently to rebuild bridges between lawmakers and the State Department of Education to ensure meaningful change and growth can occur in our schools. She has worked to implement meaningful policy while helping rid schools of unnecessary standardized testing. These changes have most definitely occurred because Joy has cared enough to listen to educators, reflect on their words and take action to find solutions," Hutchison said. "Joy has worked diligently to amplify the teacher voice and profession. She has fought hard to ensure that Oklahoma teachers got a much-deserved raise during the last legislative session. Most importantly, Joy cares about the children in our schools, and will fight to ensure that each one of them has the opportunity for an incredible public education. Please join me in voting for Joy Hofmeister for state schools superintendent this November."
Her sentiments are echoed by 2007 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year Linda Hasler-Reid.
"It is so refreshing and empowering to have a State Superintendent of Public Instruction who believes in teachers and public education. Superintendent Hofmeister clearly sees herself as a public servant whose role is to make decisions which are best for children, families and communities," said Hasler-Reid, who taught in Muskogee and is now site principal of Jenks East Intermediate Elementary. "She serves the State of Oklahoma with humility, intelligence, grace and a collaborative spirit. I stand with Joy."
Jason Proctor, Oklahoma's 2015 Teacher of the Year, said, "Joy Hofmeister is a strong, unwavering advocate for kids who has fought for the resources teachers need for the classroom. She knows that teachers are the most important factor to ensure a strong education, and that's why I am voting for Joy on Nov. 6."
Peter Markes, Oklahoma's 2014 teacher of the year, championed Hofmeister's ability to bring people together.  
"Joy is the much-needed coalition builder that education must have now more than ever," he said. "From my first collaboration on her 2014 Transition Team to today, I continue to be impressed and appreciative of her ability to not only listen to stakeholders' concerns, but also follow through with the often difficult challenges in making meaningful change based upon those voices. Above all, it is apparent that she makes decisions based upon what is best for kids and schools."
Hofmeister said she is humbled by the support of these top teachers.
"Aside from the parent, there is no one more important to classroom success than the teacher. That is why I have fought hard since Day One to ensure they get the resources and respect they need to make a positive difference in the lives of our kids. I am deeply appreciative of the kind words and support from Jon, Jason, Peter, Elaine and Linda."
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