About Joy Hofmeister

Education First

Joy Hofmeister and her husband have four children who attended Jenks public schools K–12. Three are graduates, and Joy’s youngest son, James, is a senior at Jenks High School. For 19 years, Joy has supported her local Parent Teacher Association and has been a member of the Jenks Public Schools Foundation.

Dedicated Businesswoman and Educator

Joy is a former public school teacher and career educator. Since 2000, she has been a small business owner. She is trained in international curricula for math and reading, serving students in 47 countries. Joy was a member of the Oklahoma State Board of Education, and she is earning her master’s degree in education administration with an emphasis in education policy and law.

Visionary Leader and Problem-Solver

Joy believes that mutual respect results in the best solutions. She knows that leadership means standing with parents, teachers, schools and community partners. Whether directing her staff of 40, partnering with parents or working with legislators, Joy always retains the ability to listen, learn and effectively find and execute solutions.

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